About farcool

Farcool is a web services business based in Australia and serving the world for 5 years now. Located in Brisbane, Australia but serving the world, this privately owned business is run by myself, Ben Kross. Hi, it's nice that you dropped by!

I have been involved with rapidly changing web technologies for 20 years. I decided to start farcool to offer my own brand of services to visitors here just like you, the people I meet in life and online and know through my work and social life.

Since the mid 90's I have worked in IT roles in both the private sector and government. Having had full time positions, prior experience in brick and mortar businesses, contracting roles, management roles within web projects such as upgrading a major University website and various clients over the years.


I specialise in affordable websites (like this one) for businesses and individuals.
Contact me to arrange a package designed to achieve your goals.

  • Static websites.
  • CMS solutions - such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomlah! etc.
  • Domain name consulting, helping you secure the best address you can.
  • Mobile content delivery.
  • eCommerce (Zen Cart, OsCommerce, Open Cart, Magento, Quick Cart etc)
  • Social media and content.
  • Your own cloud or a range of shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated servers.
  • Tuition - flat fee or hourly to help you complete a web task.

See also the fully self serve offerings you may prefer to order online at my secure online store FarcoolMart.com - you can register for an account there and handle everything yourself. The store offers 24hr support 7 days a week. You can search domains, order your own hosting (with cPanel), SSL certificates if you require secure https delivery, order web building and logo design services there also.

At the core of farcool, you'll always be able to return to farcool.com (the main home page) and get in touch so that you can order personal service from me. Whether you want a simple web design, a WordPress blog designed and hosted, a eCommerce store, a great new domain name - I try to cater to all SMB requirements.

Choose farcool

Much of my time is spent researching and testing products and solutions so that you don't need to. The way things so quickly change out there in technology and user habits, it pays to have someone help you get to grips, without having to spend the years necessary to delve right in deep. That matters if you value what YOU do in your business. Don't waste your time side-tracking out of your core competencies to learn coding - unless that's what you really want to do. Instead, allow farcool to help build your business through deep consultation and proper planning.

I have been watching the future unfold online for long enough to know that there are strategies for business success online which have proven themselves time and again. That doesn't mean that I'm old-fashioned however. It is always enjoyable applying what I know to what is yet to come. So I'd be honoured if you allowed me to save you time and money online.

If I do not happen to service any particular solution you require, allow me to help find your optimal provider - I know a few things about who does what and how well from all these years of participating in the big old Internet.

Thank you for visiting, reading this and I hope to do business with you soon!

Ben Kross.