I Respect Your Privacy

Farcool.com is the owner of FarcoolMart.com (the online web services store) upon which this policy document is partially based. This preamble to the document mainly pertains to the site(s) on and included within the top level domain FarCool.com including farcool.com/blog etc. farcool is a registered business in Australia which has operated over 5 years with no privacy issues.

Statement in short: You can be assured that I do not keep databases on people, form profiles, sell or rent email addresses or any of the typical types of things that most people worry about in relation to privacy online.

On the farcool.com blog you will find third party applications embedded, and links to third party sites. These are best described as social sites and advertiser links etc. Farcool.com cannot guarantee the policies of third party entities, however I do choose as wisely as I can when, for example, linking to other sites (such as my social accounts or recommended reading) or installing a new plugin or widget (such as popular social sharing buttons) on the blog.

All the tools I use are well known and popularly used online by both web developers and web site visitors. If it's on my site I can currently recommend it - but please do contact me if you have any reservations about any tool or link.

Links exiting the site may sometimes include affiliate code (such as when recommending a service). This is so that I may be properly remunerated for recommendations - only where appropriate. I do not take payment to post. I only recommend what I actually use, or know very well based on prior use. I only use well known affiliate networks for these unless I can genuinely recommend the services of a lesser known company. Again, always feel welcome to contact me if you have reservations about any such link.

I do not capture personaly identifying information unless you agree to share it. I do not use any tools, widgets or apps to do so without your consent. Tracking visitor web traffic is instigated using open-source web statistics tools (rather than tools offered by companies who would certainly share that data). I do not sell web traffic data or IP addresses. Web logs are kept only in making sure the server operates correctly and to help provide the services offered.

For more detailed policy as outlined above, especially relating to the store at FarcoolMart.com

Please visit the website FarcoolMart.com and view the 'privacy policy' link at the footer - or use this current link to the main privacy policy which partains generally also to this website site except where anything explicitly describes a feature unique to the web store.